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Speciality Nursery Products

Our specialty containers move a step beyond tradition. Responding to unique customer challenges, we designed these innovative solutions for distinct growing applications addressing particular use cases. Our products are manufactured in the United States, and most are made from 100% reclaimed and recycled materials.


Made in the U.S.A.


Environmentally Sustainable


70+ Years Serving the Wholesale Nursery Industry

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Trade Size


Automation Friendly

Rope Handles



Maximize growing space with flexible, above-ground growing systems that are ideal for growers, retailers and re-wholesale grower configurations. Our durable, automation-friendly above-ground container system promotes healthy height and caliper growth while improving root ball quality.


Accelerator® containers produce premium trees, shrubs, and plants. They reduce the occurrence of root circulations, improve survivability, and extend shelf life in traditional and controlled environment agriculture (CEA), earning you more green.


Originally designed for Pot-in-Pot growing, Grip-Lips  are offered in  20 sizes from one gallon to 25 gallons.  Grip-Lip® containers are available in our standard weight as well as an economy weight. The Econo-Grip™ is an economical container with the same great features as the Grip-Lip®. This makes the Econo-Grip™ a perfect choice for the liner in a Pot-In-Pot or AGS® application. 

 Grip-Lip® containers are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. They ease the strain of maneuvering plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle. And, this unique lip design makes the Grip-Lip® extremely comfortable to lift, yet strong enough to be carried by a forklift. 

the Grip-Lip® blow-molded container – a strong, affordable container with a lip sturdy enough for lifting heavy plants and trees. Plus, since the lip is hollow inside, the Grip-Lip® “cushions” the hand, making for more comfortable lifting. 

Custom Nursery Contaniers Options

Product branding starts with your containers. We can manufacture your custom nursery containers to your exact specifications.

Custom Color Contaniers

Color pots draw attention and create consistency across your brand. Our blow-molded, pressure-formed, and injection-molded plastic containers come in several standard colors, or we can create a custom color to match your brand standards.

Six Color Printing

Proudly display your brand design for maximum visual impact. We can print your color containers using our weather-tested and customer-proven inks. Available for trade sizes #1 through #7.

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