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About Nursery Supplies, Inc.

Nursery Supplies, Inc. (NSI) helps growers see more “green!” In business for more than 70 years, we manufacture one of the largest selections of eco-friendly plastic containers for the wholesale nursery industry.

Solving Challenges for Nursery Growers

As a manufacturing leader in the nursery horticulture industry, we continuously invest in product innovation. The AGS® Above Ground System and Accelerator® Air Root Pruning System are just two products we’ve introduced that directly address customer and industry demands.

When nursery growers ask, we answer. NSI produces more shapes, sizes and options than any other nursery container manufacturer and maintains multiple trademarked products that help our customers improve their bottom line.

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Cultivating Partnerships for Growth

We value our customers’ wisdom, insights and goals. Some of our most successful products started with customer conversations about growing techniques or shipping and handling challenges.

NSI takes a leadership role in providing technical solutions to our horticultural partners in the field. We thrive on collaborating to solve industry-wide impediments to success.

We partner with customers to help them differentiate their products, improve their growing practices, and best position themselves for profitability. Our wide network of warehouses and distributors ensures seamless communication, quick delivery times and affordable shipping.

Helping Nursery Growers Scale

Automation has reached the nursery industry, and NSI has advanced to help growers adapt and scale. We’ve developed automation-friendly containers. Our big box store specifications align crops with approved container types.

Furthering Environmental Sustainability

NSI plastic containers are 100% recyclable, and most are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed materials. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our values and how we do business. We’ve developed production capabilities to accommodate recycled materials and built in-house recycling processes.

Learn more about our industry-leading practices and products on the Sustainability page.

Honoring Customer Dollars

As a nursery pot supplier, we provide eco-friendly products of the highest quality. We guarantee our environmentally sustainable products to the same quality standard as those produced with virgin materials. Growers can count on a large selection, wide distribution network, and unsurpassed customer service.

Serving the Wholesale Nursery Industry for 70+ Years

NSI comes from hearty stock. We started in the 1950s as an offshoot of a New Jersey farmers’ co-op. In 1966, we officially incorporated as Nursery Supplies, Inc. and became the country’s first producer of plastic containers specifically for the nursery industry.

Innovation is our taproot. Throughout our formative years, we focused on growing our production capacity and pioneering new products. We added production facilities in California (1976) and Oregon (1984) that expanded our geographic reach, and advanced our production capabilities to include blow molding, injection molding and large-scale thermoforming. We grew the variety and quantity of our bulk nursery supplies and added custom sizes in response to customer feedback.

The company’s Eastern operation relocated, eventually taking root in Chambersburg, Penn. in 1994. It still thrives there today. In 2000, NSI merged with the Lerio® Corporation—a well-established Southeast wholesaler. This added a solid customer base, supported by a 125,000-square-foot Florida manufacturing facility. The merger transformed NSI into a national player and the industry’s most robust wholesale nursery supplier

In 2005, NYC-based private equity firm Lincolnshire Management Inc. acquired NSI, introducing us to Summit Plastic Co.—a custom-printed greenhouse container supplier. In 2013, we merged with Summit Plastic, which shares our philosophies and values. 

NSI and Summit Plastics together offer a more comprehensive line of products and services to our nursery and horticulture customers. Summit containers range from one pint to one gallon, while NSI containers range from one to 600 gallons. Both companies maintain independent websites but are managed cross-functionally to ensure complete solutions for our customers.

As of April 3, 2023, the new NSI Holdings, Inc. (“Nursery Supplies, Inc.”, “NSI”, or the “Company”), a vertically-integrated provider of sustainable horticulture packaging solutions, announced that it has partnered with Mill Point Capital LLC (“Mill Point”), a middle-market private equity firm focused on control-oriented investments in the business services, industrials, and IT services sectors in North America.

Headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida, Nursery Supplies, Inc. is a recycler and manufacturer of a diverse line of horticulture containers and trays. The company has a broad footprint to service its customer base with manufacturing/distribution facilities in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas and additional distribution facilities in California and Oregon.

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