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Propagation Inserts and Flats

Nursery Supplies is proud to offer the Lerio™ Brand of propagation products. We offer 18 and 32 cell injection molded flats and a sturdy injection molded carrying tray. The flats fit neatly into the tray for easy carrying. Our propagation products complete the largest selection and variety of nursery growing containers available in the industry. One more reason to make Nursery Supplies your choice for all your container needs.


Made in the U.S.A.


Environmentally Sustainable


70+ Years Serving the Wholesale Nursery Industry

Find Your Perfect Container

At Nursery Supplies, you can find a variety of plant trays and flats for different purposes in your nursery. Browse our catalog below.

Trade Size


Save on Space and Costs

Like houses, plants take up precious real estate in your nursery. As a grower, you want to maximize space and make sure your plants are healthy. You can achieve this with propagation liner trays from Nursery Supplies.

These square liners are designed to save space and maximize cost saving for various crops in your nursery. They are durable, lightweight and have fluted sides for community watering, making them a must for every grower’s garden.

Find Flat Trays for Your Nursery

Get everything started with Lerio® propagation products. Square cell molded flats and carrying trays for annuals, foliage, and woody ornamentals complete the largest selection of nursery growing containers available in the industry.

Available in different sizes and configurations, our plant trays are made of sturdy plastic that will last for years. These are perfect for growing succulents and cacti and can also be used if you just want to organize your smaller plants without the hassle of moving them one by one every time.

Propagation Trays

Nursery Supplies carry propagation insert trays in 18 and 32 cells per sheet. These propagation trays provide extra depth for added soil volume, allowing your plants to mature better and have a longer shelf life.

Our propagation trays are designed for easy de-nesting, saving you time and effort. These are the most economical inserts for nurseries that do not use plug extractors or transplanters.

Flat Trays

Flat pot trays are ideal for transplanting seedlings, allowing you to scoop them out without disentangling their roots. We offer these plastic flat trays in stacks of 25 and 60.

Why Choose Nursery Supplies?

For over 70 years, Nursery Supplies has provided container solutions for nurseries all over the U.S. The company manufactures a large selection of plant containers that are made from high-quality eco-friendly plastics.

Excluding colors and additives, we produce our line of nursery products from 100% recycled content, whether it is blow-molded, injection-molded, or thermo-formed plastic container.

With product innovation, years of expertise, and an eco-conscious manufacturing process, Nursery Supplies is the nursery container manufacturer that can help your nursery grow.

Equip Your Nursery with the Right Containers

Nursing Supplies provides innovative, eco-friendly products of the best quality for nursery owners. Our team of experienced horticulturalists is ready to help you find the right container for all your plant-growing needs.

We have representatives covering different parts of the U.S., Canada, and beyond. 

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