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Round Nursery Containers

Nursery Supplies carries a wide variety of plastic containers, perfect for various plants in your nursery. From blow-molded containers to vacuum-formed containers, we have the supplies you need.  


Made in the U.S.A.


Environmentally Sustainable


70+ Years Serving the Wholesale Nursery Industry

Achieve Healthier Plant Growth with the Right Nursery Container.

Choosing the right container for your nursery is critical to growing healthy plants. In the wrong containers, the roots may not develop appropriately. If the container is too big, the soil will not dry properly, leading to root rot. If you use a pot that is too small, your plants may tip over or not get enough water.

Fortunately, finding the right size pots for your nursery is easy when you source them through Nursery Supplies. We have a wide selection of high-quality round plant containers that come in different sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding the perfect one for your needs.

Find Your Perfect Container

Trade Size


The Perfect Container for Your Nursery

Not sure what kind of plant containers your nursery needs? Nursery Supplies is the go-to supplier for nursery owners who need to buy pots in bulk. Let us tell you about the difference between our round plant containers below.

Blow-Molded Plastic Nursery Containers

Blow-molded containers are the workhorses of the nursery industry. They offer exceptional durability, strength, and value. Nursery Supplies offers blow-molded containers in a large variety of sizes; from trade #1 all the way up to large #45 and #65 This type of plant container comes in two styles: Classic Series and Grip Lip.  Both carry a 1-year guarantee 

BlowMolded Classic

Blow- Molded

We also give you a choice of container weights to match your needs. The Custom container is designed to get your plants to market efficiently. The Olympian is the offers additional weight and rigidity.    

Molded-in handles on all #5 pots and above insure ease of handling to the field, out of the field, during shipping and at retail. 

BlowMolded GripLip


Originally designed for Pot-in-Pot growing, Grip-Lips  are offered in  20 sizes from one gallon to 25 gallons.  Grip-Lip® containers are available in our standard weight as well as an economy weight. The Econo-Grip™ is an economical container with the same great features as the Grip-Lip®. This makes the Econo-Grip™ a perfect choice for the liner in a Pot-In-Pot or AGS® application. 

 Grip-Lip® containers are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. They ease the strain of maneuvering plants and trees because the lip becomes a rigid handle. And, this unique lip design makes the Grip-Lip® extremely comfortable to lift, yet strong enough to be carried by a forklift. 

the Grip-Lip® blow-molded container – a strong, affordable container with a lip sturdy enough for lifting heavy plants and trees. Plus, since the lip is hollow inside, the Grip-Lip® “cushions” the hand, making for more comfortable lifting. 

Pressure-Formed Plastic Nursery Containers

The pressure-formed container represents a new generation of nursery containers. Pressure-forming combines the best of blow-molded and injection-molded containers by creating a plastic pot that’s tougher than blow-molded containers but has rigid rim qualities similar to injection-molded containers.

Pressure-formed containers are light, strong, and resilient. They are also consistent in weight and uniform in design, offering a high-quality and economical product that is unmatched in the industry.

Our vast selection of pressure-formed containers comes in many different sizes, from the tall #3 container to the stout and wide mum pan.


Injection-Molded Plastic Nursery Containers

These containers are molded for strength and rigidity. This sturdy container is strong enough for shipping and attractively styled for sellingThey are available in a #1 to #20 and are made with handles on the baskets to make handling easy.

NSI InjectionMolded

NSI Injection Molded Poly-tainer

The Poly-tainer™ line features injection-molded nursery containers built for strength and rigidity. These sturdy containers are strong enough for shipping and attractively styled for selling. Poly-tainer™ cans are available in #1 to #20 sizes.


PI Injection Molded

The PI injection-molded containers are made from PI material, a non-melting, high-temperature polymer that offers strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to high temperatures. The material also has outstanding wear resistance, so these containers won’t break even when maneuvering them around the nursery.

Nursery Supplies carries PI injection-molded containers in various sizes, from #1 to #15.

Lerio® Vacuum Formed Plastic Nursery Containers

The Lerio® name has been associated with the nursery industry for almost 90 years. We are proud to have this great name as part of the Nursery Supplies family.

Lerio® large vacuum-formed containers offer exceptional strength and durability. These vacuum-formed containers are available in a wide range of sizes, from #35 to #300, to meet your needs. 


Dec-Grow Decorative Pots

Tough enough to grow in, beautiful enough to show in. These are the Dec-Grow® decorative containers. These versatile plastic nursery pots, available wholesale, easily move from field, to retail shelf, to a customer’s patio. There’s no better container for your plants that are ready for sale.


Above Ground Containers

Maximize growing space with flexible, above-ground growing systems ideal for grower, retail, and re-wholesale grower configurations. Our durable, above-ground container system promotes healthy height and caliper growth while improving root ball quality.

Rope Handle Nursery Container

Move big nursery container easily – with rope handles. Our automation-friendly and sturdy Grip-Lip® containers are outfitted with rope handles to make handling easier. Available in different sizes, from #10 to #25, the rope handle nursery containers make moving heavier plants more manageable than ever.


Why Choose Nursery Supplies?

For over 70 years, Nursery Supplies has provided container solutions for nurseries all over the U.S. The company manufactures a large selection of plant containers that are made from high-quality eco-friendly plastics.

Excluding colors and additives, we produce our line of nursery products from 100% recycled content, whether it is blow-molded, injection-molded, or thermo-formed plastic container.

With product innovation, years of expertise, and an eco-conscious manufacturing process, Nursery Supplies is the nursery container manufacturer that can help your nursery grow.

Equip Your Nursery with the Right Containers

Nursing Supplies provides innovative, eco-friendly products of the best quality for nursery owners. Our team of experienced horticulturalists is ready to help you find the right pots for all your plant-growing needs.

We have representatives covering different parts of the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Find your local distributor or talk to a sales rep today.

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