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Grow With Nursery Supplies

Cultivate thriving plants and a healthy bottom line with field-tested, grower-approved solutions.


Like the nursery growers we support, we care about keeping our world vibrant and healthy. “Green” means more to us than a buzzword or the color of our logo.

Sustainability is at the very root of our company. Early on, we began researching eco-friendly manufacturing processes, developing new production capabilities to accommodate recycled materials, and establishing in-house recycling programs.

See More “Green” With Nursery Supplies

Any nursery supply company can sell you plastic pots, but not all can provide solutions to help your business flourish.

Nursery Supplies, Inc. (NSI) partners with nursery growers to solve real challenges and opportunities in the field. We bring more than 60 years of nursery expertise, product innovation and advanced manufacturing capabilities to the table. 

Let us help you grow with eco-friendly nursery products of the highest quality, large selections, a wide distribution network, and unsurpassed service.

Pounds of Plastic Recycled Each Year
Recyclable Products

Recycled & Reclaimed Materials

Recycled Materials Production

Years of research culminated in the introduction of bio alternatives such as recycled materials and post-consumer plastics to develop ecologically sustainable products. NSI successfully executed a 3-step plan to lead the industry in recycled plastics manufacturing of horticultural containers. We: 

  1. Increased the percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial regrind and reprocessed material in our products.
  2. Implemented strict standards and rigid material testing of the recycled resins prior to production to ensure material purity.
  3. Performed finished product testing of mechanical properties, impact performance, and atmospheric testing to ensure performance without sunlight and temperature degradation. 

In 2008, we converted our raw material streams to nearly exclusive use of recycled materials. In 2010, we acquired Texas-based Plastics, Inc.—specialists in injection molded nursery containers and the use of recycled plastics.

Today, most of our products are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed materials (excluding color and additives). All are 100% recyclable. We’re proud to say that our recycled plastic containers carry the same one-year quality guarantee as our previously produced virgin materials products.

Internal Recycling Manufacturing Process

Using recycled materials is only the start of our sustainability commitment. We also internalize the recycling process itself.

Using recycled automobile bumpers, we sort, shred, clean, melt and produce our own plastic pellets for use in our production facilities. This helps us be environmentally sensitive, lower production costs, and pass those savings to our customers.

Our ongoing commitment continues as we explore recyclable color additives, filler additives and bio-resins to make our products even more environmentally sustainable.

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