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ACCELERATOR® Air Root Pruning System

The team at Nursery Supplies considers the Accelerator® air root pruning system to be the best air root pruning system in the industry. Accelerator container is excellent for use with plants that don’t like excessive water and need extra drainage and air flow to minimize root rot and fungal diseases.


Made in the U.S.A.


Environmentally Sustainable


70+ Years Serving the Wholesale Nursery Industry

The most advanced air root pruning system in the industry

The Accelerator® air root pruning system is a natural way to help grow a better tree with a stronger root structure from propagation to final planting in the ground. Utilizing a patented root enhancement technology, Accelerator® containers produce much larger trees in the same time as conventional container products, at a cost-per-tree that is less than traditional methods.

The unique design of the Accelerator® container employs vertical corrugations to guide the root tips to air pruning slots located along the sidewall of the container. This results in a denser, more uniform root mass and eliminates root circling. Liner roots develop quicker and this can reduce the need for over-wintering protection. Plus, a healthier root structure means the shelf life can be extended without worrying about plant distress.

Why should you use Accelerator®?

  • Prevents root circling and spiraling by utilizing a patented system of variable corrugations with air pruning slots. Trees grown in conventional containers can develop circling roots, and they will continue to circle when planted, ultimately resulting in the death of the tree.
  • Containers cause rapid development of dense, lateral feeder roots, just like in nature, but more enhanced.
  • Produces greater rates of survivability when planted in native landscape. Your trees will flourish while field harvested trees are recovering from 75% of their roots being left in the ground.
  • Extends product shelf life so trees and plants survive longer when taken to market. An extended shelf life allows you to extend your selling period.
  • It’s not just for trees. Get outstanding air root pruning results for all types of plants.

Benefits of the ACCELERATOR® Air Root Pruning System

Prevents Root Circling

ACCELERATOR® is specifically designed to stop root circling and spiraling with its patented system of variable corrugations with air pruning slots.

Enhanced Root Development

Plants grown in the ACCELERATOR® containers develop dense lateral roots, which aids in the plant growing quicker and going to the end user sooner.

Improved Survivability

75% of a plant or tree’s roots are left behind when harvested from the ground. The ACCELERATOR® system decreases roots left behind, which improves the plant’s overall survivability when re-planted. 

Better Shelf Life

Because the roots are healthier, the plant has a better shelf life. This extends the selling period and saves you money in the long run.

Multi-Use Design in Various Sizes

ACCELERATOR® containers is excellent for use with plants that don’t like excessive water and need extra drainage and air flow to minimize root rot and fungal diseases.

Why Choose Nursery Supplies?

For over 70 years, Nursery Supplies has provided container solutions for nurseries all over the U.S. The company manufactures a large selection of plant containers that are not only made from high-quality plastics but are also eco-friendly.

Excluding colors and additives, we produce our line of nursery products from 100% recycled content, whether it’s a blow-molded, injection-molded, or thermo-formed plastic container.

With product innovation, years of expertise, and an eco-conscious manufacturing process, Nursery Supplies is the nursery container manufacturer that can help your nursery grow.

Equip Your Nursery with the Right Containers

Nursing Supplies provides innovative, eco-friendly products of the best quality for nursery owners. Our team of experienced horticulturalists is ready to help you elevate your nursery with an efficient pot-in-pot system.

We have representatives covering different parts of the U.S., Canada, and beyond.

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