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About Us

About Nursery Supplies

Nursery Supplies, Inc. (NSI) helps our customers see more “green” by partnering with them to help them grow their business. We are the only company manufacturing blow molding, injection molding and large-scale thermoforming products dedicated to the nursery industry.


We’re Innovative:

As a manufacturing leader in the horticulture industry, we are committed to an ongoing investment in product innovation. Accelerator®, AGS® Above Ground System, and Grip-Lip® are just a few of the products we’ve introduced that directly address customer and industry demands. We produce more shapes, more sizes and more options than any other container manufacturer in the industry, and maintain more trademarked products that help our customers improve their own bottom line.  

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities helped us become the country’s first producer of plastic containers for the nursery industry. We continue to monitor and evaluate efficiencies in the production processes, explore new raw materials sourcing, and reinvest in the latest production machinery. We’re advancing the industry with automation friendly containers, and meeting big-box store specifications that can align your crops with approved container types.


We’re Customer Focused:

We value the wisdom, insights and goals of our customers. Some of our most innovative products started with customer inquiries about growing techniques or shipping and handling challenges. In fact, NSI has taken a leadership role in providing technical solutions to our horticultural partners growing the products in the field. We thrive on collaborating to solve industry wide impediments to success.

We partner with customers, sharing our own expertise to help them brand their products, improve their growing practices and best position themselves for profitability. Branding, labeling and packaging are competitive differentiators. We offer containers in standard or custom color selections, weather-tested custom printing to ensure your image is associated with your plants for easy brand recognition, and barcode labeling to facilitate product management. We are focused on brand fulfillment and partner with a wide network of warehouses and distributors nationwide to ensure seamless communication, quick delivery times and affordable shipping.


We’re Environmentally Sustainable:

NSI is committed to environmental sustainability. It’s a cornerstone of our core values and of how we do business. For years, we’ve been quietly researching eco-friendly manufacturing practices, developing new production capabilities to accommodate recycled materials and building our own in-house plastics recycling processes. We successfully executed a three-step plan to lead the industry in recycled plastics manufacturing of horticultural containers.  

First, we increased the percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial regrind and reprocessed material in our products. Then we implemented strict standards and rigid material testing of the recycled resins prior to production to ensure material purity. Finally we performed finished product testing of mechanical properties, impact performance, and atmospheric testing to ensure performance without sunlight and temperature degradation. We’re proud of the results. We’re proud to say that our 100% recycled plastics products carry the same one-year quality guarantee as our previously produced virgin materials products.

Following the success of recycled materials production, we continued our sustainability commitment by internalizing the entire recycling process itself. Our recycling efforts are impressive. Using recycled automobile bumpers, we sort, shred, clean, melt and produce our own plastic pellets that are used in all six of our production facilities. We use our own recycled materials in all three manufacturing processes (blow-molding, injection-molding and thermo-forming) of container material (excluding color and additives). This helps us to be environmentally sensitive, lower our production costs, and pass those savings along to our customers. All our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. from reclaimed and recycled materials. Our ongoing commitment continues as we explore recyclable color additives, filler additives, and bio-resins (from rice and chicken feathers) to make our products even more environmentally sustainable.

We believe that “green” is truly more than the color of our logo; it is the driving force behind our commitment to the environment in which we live.


We make Quality Products:

We provide the horticulture industry with innovative eco-friendly products of the highest quality, large selections, a wide distribution network and unsurpassed customer service. We guarantee our environmentally sustainable product to the same quality standard as those produced with virgin materials.



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